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Time after time, to South Korea


We are very familiar with South Korea. This is not just because of relations with neighbouring countries, but also for their strong exports of goods and culture. That is why China and South Korea maintain strong trade ties. Based on these, our electric tailgate lift can also be favored by Korean partners and enter the Korean market at express speed.

Five visits, is consistently preeminent service, extremely bullish on the market

Five visits to Korea involves various aspects of work: the verification and development of new models, and follow-up of customized projects. In fact, each visit is a greater human and financial cost. We have been instilled with the idea that makes every efforts to quality products.

Changyi's engineer installs power tailgate

(the engineer is installing the product)

At the same time, the Korean market has unique advantages. Korean automobile market has deep national characteristics: Hyundai, Kia automobile accounts for 80%, and more than 10% of the market are occupied by Daewoo, Ssangyong, and Renault Samsung, while imported cars only account for less than 10% of the market share! And this unique phenomenon, also allows our power liftgate to quickly occupy the market. Because limited car brands allow us to focus on research and innovation, that’s why we can push the Korean market forward rapidly.

Changyi's engineer installs power liftgate

(the engineer is installing the product)

Automatic tailgate lift, not only is for convenience, but for more fashionable lifestyle

The convenience of the power tailgate opener is reflected in many aspects, such as the hands not free and mud on the trunk of the car under special circumstances, the soft-closed automatic door can play a very good role. Korea is a country that advocates sports, for example, cycling is very popular in Korea. The remote control saves you a lot of trouble when you’re carrying a bicycle or a sports bag to the trunk. You don’t have to put things down and lift the trunk.

Besides convenience, it is more a symbol of fashion. The automatic opening is more advanced than the manual opening. The Korean guests have come to our company to know that according to them, many people in South Korea have expressed their love for the hands free tailgate, and the way of the after-refit market makes up for the regret that many car owners cannot enjoy.

Changyi soft close tailgate

From January to July, we have worked for the Korean market for half a year. Our repeated visits are also the result of the rapid growth of market demand. As an old Chinese saying goes, ” As a man sows, so he shall reap. “, we believe in this truth and try our best to practice it. We believe that the market will also give us a big surprise.

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