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A good harvest in Taiwan trip


We have been cooperating with the customer in Taiwan on electric tailgate lift for 3 years.

The reason why we can maintain long-term cooperation with customer Taiwan is not only because of the same language but also because of the consensus on market strategy.

The Japanese car is more popular in Taiwan. You can see the Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Nissian, Mitsubishi, and others Japanese brand on the street. Japanese cars are known for their fuel economy and durability and are naturally popular among Taiwanese people. In a sense, this car market situation provides a natural convenience for the development of power liftgate.

Changyi enters Taiwan’s market

With fewer mainstream car models, we can concentrate on R&D and speed up the development of the electric tailgate lift. Within 3 years, we have developed all the mainstream best-selling models in the Taiwan market. With 2 visits this year, we have known about the sales of the previous products and do market research for the upcoming products.

Changyi power rear door

With a good foundation for the first two years, the power tailgate will continue to maintain rapid growth in 2018. It is understood that there is no Taiwan company which was engaged in the development and production of hands free liftgate in 2016. Changyi has taken the lead and has aimed at the Taiwan market, so we have a higher market share today in Taiwan.

Changyi electric trunk latch

Many people often say that the automatic lift gate is not just needed, and it is optional. However, the popularity of the Changyi electric tailgate lift in the world shows that it has attractive places. Convenience and comfort is an important aspect. You don’t have to leave the cab to open the trunk; you don’t have to put down your hand but also can still open the trunk; you just have to move your foot. On the other hand, it meets the spiritual needs of the owner, who can feel the configuration of the high car and experience the comfort of the luxury car.

Changyi power door actuator

With the success of the previous period, this year’s development of the power tailgate opener market is very exciting. This two visits this year also allowed us to discover new opportunities. As long as you seize the opportunity, there is unlimited possibilities.

Changyi electric trunk latch

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