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Tailgate Lift For Sedan (Latch Lock)


Tailgate Lift For Sedan (Latch Lock) 1.  Q: Is the Chan […]


Tailgate Lift For Sedan (Latch Lock)

Changyi Sedan tailgate latch

Changyi power rear door latch

1.  Q: Is the Changyi power tailgate lift with electric suction?
     A: It depends on the car model. Some have the electric suction, some not.
         Learn more about relevant tailgate lift functional demonstration:
2. Q: what is latch lock?
    A: It is a lock type to ensure the power liftgate is closed completely.
3. Q: Does it need to strip the wire for installation?
    A: It plug and play, easy and convenient installation
        Learn more about the installation instruction:
4. Q: Do it work with original car key?
    A: Yes, besides the original car key, users also can open/close tailgate by pressing front or back button.
         And what’s more, you add the kick-sensor function which kicks to open/close the trunk automatically.
5. Q: The tailgate lift is waterproof?
    A: Yes, it is waterproof. IPX4.
6. Q: Do you test all your goods before delivery?
    A: Yes, we have 100% test before delivery.
7. Q: Is it universal?
    A: No, different cars have different models. Changyi automatic liftgate is suitable for various car models,
         including BENZ, BMW, Honda, Jeep, Toyota, etc.
8. Q: If cannot close or open the trunk by power liftgate, can we open it manually?
    A: Yes. Pls contact us when you meet any problem with the product.
9. Q: Do you have any installation instruction video?
    A: Yes, here is the link:
10. About Warranty
     1.Return rate: All our items defective rate is less than 1%.
     2.Warranty: 12 months warranty starts from the delivery date from our factory.
     3.Conditions and Terms of warranty period:
        a. During the warranty, any defective product will get repaired or replaced along with the next order for free
        b. The warranty is unavailable for those products which are broken by the violence or the carelessness or
             repairedor altered without the authorization.
        c. An RMA form will be asked to fill in.

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